SOG E37SN-CP Seal Pup Elite Knife

SOG E37SN-CP Seal Pup Elite Knife Review

If you’re looking for a super strong, durable fixed blade all purpose knife, then you are in the right place! My sog seal pup review is a review for the SOG E37SN-CP seal pup elite. This military grade knife is the most durable knife you will ever experience. The size is perfect for all applications, the blade length is 4.85 inches, and the overall length is 9.5 inches.

There is a reason that the United States military chose this knife. The “seal” in the Seal pup elite, comes from the United States Navy Seals. Navy Seals are a highly trained special operations division. Seal team 6 is known world wide, for their capture of terrorist Osama bin Laden. Those Navy Seals involved in that capture were carrying SOG seal pup elite knives that very day.

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Enough about that, lets get into this SOG seal pup review, shall we?
SOG does what no other manufacturer does to increase quality of their knives. The process they use to make the seal pupelite is unique, and found only at SOG. They take the knife, and they freeze it, in a process called cryogenic treatment. The metal is dropped down to around negative 300 degrees, then allowed to return to room temperature. This process makes AUS8 Steel as strong as it can possibly be. This is fantastic to keep the edge on your SOG seal pup elite sharp for a lifetime. The sharpness of the edge on the seal pup elite is extremely sharp, so use caution.

The SOG seal pup elite feels fantastic in your hand. It has a special reinforced nylon handle, with grip lines. This makes the feel and grip of the seal pup the best that you can find anywhere. The finger grooves are deep, so any hand size will have a perfect grip. At only 1.5 inches wide, it has a very comfortable feel in the hand. A very controlled feel that any knife enthusiast will appreciate and enjoy for a lifetime. Yes, a lifetime, because the SOG seal pup elite has a lifetime warranty. The lifetime warranty gives you the peace of mind that you know you are getting the highest quality possible, which is hard to come by.

My sog seal pup review was very favorable for those who wish for an all purpose knife. This knife is fantastic for hiking, camping, boating, and pretty much any outdoor activity that you might need a sharp durable knife. Survival experts recommend the SOG seal pup elite. In a survival situation, you want to have a knife you can depend on and that is why they choose the seal pup elite.

I love just about everything about SOG seal pup elite as I mentioned above. I would choose it again, and again, as well as recommend it to friend and family. This knife comes with a sturdy nylon sheath, that is durable and made to match the look of the seal pup elite. I prefer a leather sheath, so I swapped out the nylon sheath for a leather sheath. This is a 5 star knife that you can trust. The police and military trust the SOG seal pup elite, that speaks for itself!

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