Gerber 31-000559 Guardian Back-Up Tanto Knife

Gerber 31-000559 Guardian Back-Up Tanto Knife Review

Searching for the perfect tactical back-up knife? Maybe in the market for a great all around knife, capable of everyday use? When picking out anything high quality, you choose a name you can trust, right? Gerber represents over 70 years of making cutlery, right here in America. A small company that has focus on quality, not quantity. The best tanto knife available on the market is the Gerber 31-000559 Guardian back-up tanto knife. The list of reasons why this Gerber is the best tanto knife is very large, and we will discuss those!

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The Gerber Guardian back-up tanto knife starts with a high quality stainless steel blade forged from American steel. This super strong high carbon steel will last a lifetime, and hold a sharp edge. The overall blade length is 3.4 inches, serrated edge toward the handle. The serrated blade is razor-sharp, and will make general cutting situations a breeze. The rest of the blade is non-serrated, and has a razor-sharp edge that will cut through tough materials with no problem. The blade coating is a non reflective black coating, for superior concealment. Rough use and repeated friction on the blade will not fade the black from the blade, keeping it highly concealable.

Gerber has used patented TacHide for the handle, making it quick to grab and hold in any conditions. This sure grip makes this tanto knife the best choice, so you have a dependable grip when you need it most. You don’t want a knife that you can’t grip quickly in a self-defense situation. The TacHide grip is also a non-reflective black, making ease of concealment even easier.

The overall length of the Gerber guardian back-up is 7.28 inches, a perfect balance of blade and handle. Large enough to serve as a true self-defense tanto, small enough to conceal easily. The design is a lock blade design so this tactical knife is one fixed unit, for superior durability. No chance of breaking since its one solid piece of thick carbon steel.

The Gerber guardian back-up tanto includes an adjustable plastic black sheath. The sheath is easily fixed to a belt, or boot with the adjustable withdraw tention. You can fix the sheath anywhere that you want, for the highest level of self-defense and concealment. This tanto slips in and out of the sheath quickly and easily, making it extremely fast to withdraw and replace.

One of the minor setbacks of the Gerber guardian back-up tanto, the sheath although extremely well-fitting and perfect for the knife, might have been a better choice if leather or a composite nylon used. This is just user preference, as the sheath is well designed and fits this knife perfectly.

Overall if you’re looking for the best tanto knife, you’re looking for the Gerber 31-000559 guardian back-up tanto. This extremely high quality knife constructed of composite steel will last a lifetime. In fact, Gerber includes a lifetime warranty on all of their knives, so you know if it breaks, they send you another for free. The cost of this tanto knife is what makes it the best tanto knife on the market. Only from Gerber will you get the American made quality for half the price of the other manufacturers.

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