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Tactical Knives

Gerber 31-000559 Guardian Back-Up Tanto Knife

Searching for the perfect tactical back-up knife? Maybe in the market for a great all around knife, capable of everyday use? When picking out anything high quality, you choose a name you can trust, right? Gerber represents over 70 years of making cutlery, right here in America. A small company that has focus on quality, […] continue reading

SOG E37SN-CP Seal Pup Elite Knife

If you’re looking for a super strong, durable fixed blade all purpose knife, then you are in the right place! My sog seal pup review is a review for the SOG E37SN-CP seal pup elite. This military grade knife is the most durable knife you will ever experience. The size is perfect for all applications, […] continue reading

Zero Tolerance ZT-9 Bayonet Knife

When it comes to tactical knives, it’s really about the use your looking for. Different people have different needs, like different situations demand different tools. When deciding upon which is the best tactical knife it really comes down to the needs that you’re trying to cover. A civilian looking for a knife for self-protection is […] continue reading