Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Knife

Gerber 31-001901 Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro Fixed Blade Knife Review

All survival experts on TV have one thing in common, they have a fantastic knife. There are lots of knives available which can help with survival. One of the best on offer is the Bear Grylls 31-001901 knife. This is available from all good outdoor stores. This article will review the main advantages of buying such a knife.

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This knife is made from the highest quality raw materials, with high quality steel being used to make the blade. The knife is designed to be used a lot and shouldn’t become damaged through normal use. The full tang means that it is easy to hold in your hand and very stable.

The build quality of the knife is exceptional and you can tell by holding it. It’s quite a weighty thing to hold, but very comfortable to use. It’s solidly made and is a good knife to use regularly.

More than just a knife

This isn’t just a pen knife, oh no, it’s far more than that. It’s actually a multipurpose knife which has a built in flint and even a whistle. This is a true survival knife which will help you stay warm, and attract attention of any rescuers.

The flint can be used to create a spark which can help to light a fire. With the relevant experience, lighting a fire using this knife will be very simple and quick to do. The whistle is also a good feature as you can blow it to attract attention of any passersby should you get lost, or injured. The whistle isn’t as powerful as many customers are expecting, but this is normally seen as a minor issue.


The knife is also very comfortable to use thanks to the rubber coated handle. It is also nicely balanced which makes it very comfortable to hold in your hand.

Always Sharp

As soon as you take the knife out of the box it is very sharp. It will stay that sharp, and possibly get even sharper thanks to the built in sharpener. The sheath contains a very clever little knife blade sharpener. This will help to sharpen and clean the blade every time you put it away. This will mean that every time you come to use the knife it will be perfectly sharp and a joy to use.

What can it cut?

The knife is so sharp that it can be used to cut virtually anything you could want to. It cuts through cord, twigs, cardboard and plastic with ease. It is also quite a nice knife for carving wood down to a point to use as a tool. If you want a knife then you can’t go wrong with this.


The only real negative thing about the knife is the cost. It is a very expensive knife to buy although it can be found cheaper online. It can be treated like an investment though as it’s the sort of knife which will never let you down. Just make sure you are buying a genuine Bear Grylls knife though, the fakes won’t last anywhere near as long.

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