Discover the Dagger, a Weapon that Survived the Test of Time

A dagger is an ancient fixed blade knife with a very sharp point designed primarily for stabbing. This knife design dates back to the prehistory of humans and has been used in close one on one combat situations. The dagger has been used in ceremonial rituals in the ancient times, a tradition that has made its way to modern times in the form of  decorative knives. The easy to recognize and historic traditional use of these tools have given them an iconic aura.

Over the years, there were a number of variations of the dagger, from ones that only had one side sharpened, to the stiletto’s of the Renaissance. But, generally speaking the dagger is thought of as a fixed blade knife with both sides sharpened which features a highly sharpened point. Another distinctive feature is a full cross guard keeps your hand from sliding onto the blade while using it. Modern daggers are designed in order to give you maximum movement freedom. You can cut or stab using any kind of hand movement.

In modern times, especially in the 20th century, daggers have risen to notoriety in Hitler’s Third Reich and Mussolini’s fascist dictatorship as political and military uniform accessories. During the second World War they were widely used by infantries and commando forces, such as the British Commando and US Marines in missions to give them an advantage in close combat situations. Apart from military forces, daggers are usually carried as concealed weapons, having a shorter and wider blade and are called boot knives. They normally have sheath that can be strapped to a boot or other footwear.

Below are some of the best ranked modern daggers on the market.

Custom Hand-made Blackjack Damascus Boot Dagger


  • 264 Layer Twist Pattern – Hand Forged & Hand Crafted Damascus Steel (1095 & 15n20)
  • Durable and Attractive Full Tang Design with Marble Horn & Walnut Bolster
  • Razor Sharp 4mm Thick Double Edged Blade with a Hardness of 57-59 Hrc on rockwell scale
  • Hand Ground Secondary Bevel on Both Cutting Edges
  • Included sheath may be black or brown; Overall Length: 7.5″ (Blade 3.5″, Handle 4″)

Genuine British Commando Dagger


  • Genuine British Commando Knife
  • Double-Edged 7″ Blade
  • Serrated Metal Handle
  • Reinforced leather sheath
  • Overall Length: 11 3/4″

Benchmade SOCP Dagger


  • Skeletonized dagger features 440C blade steel
  • Black sheath
  • Fingerloop for ease of deployment and use
  • Injected molded sheath with clip and lanyard
  • Length:  7.25″ (18.42cm)

Cold Steel Safemaker Dagger


  • Cold Steel Safemaker II Fixed Blade Knife Model 12CS
  • AUS 8A/Polished Plain Dagger
  • Secure-Ex Sheath 3.25 Black Kraton Box

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