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Outdoor Tips

how to survive in the wilderness

Picnics, hiking and romantic strolls in the wilderness are some of the most popular outdoor activities. While these activities are exciting and thrilling, most people do not realize that they can easily turn from fun into an attempt to staying alive. As you tend to move further away from civilization, the chances of getting lost […] continue reading

Morakniv Bushcraft Carbon Black Tactical Knife

If you wonder which is the best bushcraft knife, then you probably know what “bushcraft” means. If you don’t then let us give you a quick heads up on the term, before going into details about which ones are the best and why. “Bushcraft” is a term that describes all the outdoor skills that are […] continue reading


A dagger is an ancient fixed blade knife with a very sharp point designed primarily for stabbing. This knife design dates back to the prehistory of humans and has been used in close one on one combat situations. The dagger has been used in ceremonial rituals in the ancient times, a tradition that has made […] continue reading