Zero Tolerance ZT0100 Military All Black Fixed Blade Knife Review

Military Knife by:
Zero Tolerance
ZT 0100

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On November 13, 2013
Last modified:April 10, 2020


"If you could choose only one production knife on which to wager your survival in an emergency, I can't think of a better choice than the ZT0100. " Amazon buyer review

Zero Tolerance ZT0100 Military All Black Fixed Blade

What kind of knife would you want at your side when you find yourself in an unexpected survival position? You would be lucky to have a knife with you and not just any knife but a Zero Tolerance ZT0100.This is possibly the best survival knife.

The Zero Tolerance ZT0100 is a fixed blade military knife featuring a fine innovative blade that is designed for multitasking versatility, with a minimal mass and maximum performance. This blade is not only beautiful to the eye but it is also incredibly tough. It has an overall length of 267mm with an overall blade length of 136mm that can handle any type of work to skinning.

The blade is got from American made Crucible CMP3V steel, which is the most commonly used steel by knife makers, which is often regarded as being the best in-terms of strength and corrosion resistance. This ensures the knife maintains sharp edge while still maintaining a high degree of resistance to corrosion and any effect.

Zero Tolerance ZT0100 2

It has a full tang blade construction that begins from a very thick blade to a narrow acute grind which is very important in a survival knife, as it gives a lot of strength to the overall design.

The knife is full tang and has a G10 handle that is about 131 mm which is very well protected by Allen bolts. Its handle is also made in ripple pattern that makes it to perfectly fit when being held.

It also has a sharp cutting edge length of 124mm that gives it an upper hand in cutting and tearing through various materials.

The Zero Tolerance ZT0100 is a solid performer on its own and comes with various other items that extends its functionality and improves your odds of survival. Unlike many fixed blade knives, this one comes with a sheath. The sheath is made of nylon with Molle compatible, multicarry configuration and universal pouch. This makes it very convenient as you can add other tools you may need. It also has a kydex insert which is reversible for each side, left or right carry. It locks in securely and has a secondary press stud fastener which makes it jump-safe.

The knife weighs around 321g without the sheath and around 500g with the sheath. This makes it easy for you to carry around since it is not heavy.

The Zero Tolerance ZT0100 is not just a normal knife, but a high blade military knife featuring an innovative designed re curve blade designed for multitasking, minimal mass and maximum performance. The blade design provides ideal advantage in tough cutting situation and a precisely sharp centered point to handle various piercing tasks with ease. Its blade built from CMP3V tool steel with black Tungsten DLC non-reflective coating improves the performance of the blade by providing maximum resistance against breaking and chipping.

Zero Tolerance ZT0100

The blade is built for impact and to withstand toughness and to perform under the harshest possible conditions in the environment, making it the ideal military knife available in the market.

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