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Down Under Knives The Outback Bowie Review

Are you looking for that ultimate survival knife? Then you don’t have to look any further because we have got you the Down Under Knife, The Outback Bowie. Just from its name “Outback”, this knife guarantees you that excellent unique performance when handling it.

The Outback Bowie knife has a long blade of 11 inches that is dual heat treated at 440 degrees. It’s made of high carbon stainless steel with a very sharp edge.This makes the knife very good in chopping. According to Down Under, the knife is also hardened at the spine and the edge to provide impact resistance capabilities and toughness when chopping and cutting. This feature also makes it ideal for you if you were to go camping as it will enable you to chop pieces of wood and small cuttings with ease with no perceptible dulling of the blade. The stainless steel also enables the knife to be stain resistant and maintain its sharpness for a longer period of time.

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The blade has a thickness of 6 mm which enables the knife to withstand heavy cuttings and chopping. You actually don’t need to have an axe if you have this knife, since it will deliver all the work that you will need done. Its dual edge also enables you to use either side, depending on what you are doing.

It also has a heavy pommel and a finger guard made from solid brass that protects your fingers from getting into contact with the sharp blade when chopping. This makes it very safe when doing any kind of chopping or cutting.

The handle is artistically crafted out of genuine African Ebony and stacked leather spacers with an ultra strong tang that will not twist or break during heavy use, which makes it very comfortable in the hands and also improving the grip. This lets you comfortably use the knife for longer hours without feeling any pain in your hands or getting any kinds of bruises.

The Outback Bowie also comes with a genuine leather belt sheath with a crocodile skin pattern decoration. The leather sheath is quite light and fits perfectly so you can carry the knife around easily and comfortably. You can tie the leather belt and easily walk with the knife. The sheath also features an integral retaining boot that keeps the knife safely into place. It also includes a high quality sharpening spike that would enable you to easily maintain the sharpness of the knife while on the move.

Outback Bowie has an overall length of 15 7/8, making it the ideal knife for your outdoor activities. It has a weight of 800 g that improves its frequency when cutting.

Durability is very important in any real knife and the Outback Bowie’s dual temper gives the spine and tang flexibility and impact resistance capabilities, along with long lasting and harder cutting edge.

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