Cold Steel Natchez Bowie SK-5 Fixed Blade Knife

Cold Steel Natchez Bowie SK-5 Fixed Blade Knife Review

Are you looking for a knife with combined features of a wickedly sharp razor edge and a piercing power of a dagger? Then what you need is the Cold Steel Natchez Bowie SK-5 Knife. It cuts through like a razor blade and chops things throughout like a clever. This knife has been tested over time and is ideal for just any mission that you are involved in.

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It is made of SK-5 High Carbon Steel which is precision ground heat-treated and tempered to enable it to acquire that strength and toughness.

The Cold Steel Natchez Bowie SK-5 Knife is quite a big knife with its blade measuring 11 3/4. This feature dwarfs many knifes due to its massive size making it a much better slasher and chopper. It also features a continuous blade curve which improves its cutting edge and sharpness.

The quality of the high carbon steel has improved a lot all round by making it rust resistant. It’s designed maintain its sharpness for a much longer time. Due to its double edge blade, the knife can be very useful in field situations as it gives the option to use one side to cut and chop while the other side to split. It has a thick blade of 8 mm, which improves its strength and makes it highly resistant to breakage or any kind of impact during use.

It has a 5 3/8 long handle with a double coffin shape that protects your hands from sliding onto the sharp blade edge. This has improved its grip and makes it very secure in your hand. The handle is long to ensure that it gives you enough room for the hand to fit in, giving it that excellent grip.

The knife comes with a secure Ex-Sheath that keeps it into place and which is designed to make withdrawing or inserting the knife very easy. This also protects your safety when caring the knife since it perfectly keeps the knife intact into place.

The Cold Steel Natchez Bowie SK-5 Knife has a perfect finish, with straight grind lines which can be easily seen from the back side. Also the satin finish on the blade is very nicely done. It achieves that perfect look with well polished pommel and guard. These features make the Natchez Bowie stand out.

It has an overall length of 17 1/8 which makes it quite a long knife. Its length also enables you to use the knife in various different ways and can combine to give you that protective defense use in times when you are in danger.

It has a weight of about 680 g which makes it a little heavy but combines well with the overall size and design of the blade. The weight is well distributed, so it won’t brake your arm.

The Cold Steel Natchez Bowie SK-5 combines both that stylish elegant look, with its superior finish and sharpness designed to withstand impact. This is the quality that also makes it similar to the famous Japanese knife.

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