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                        What kind of knife would you want at your side when you find yourself in an unexpected survival position? You would be lucky to have a knife with you and not just any knife but a Zero Tolerance ZT0100.This is possibly the best […] continue reading


A dagger is an ancient fixed blade knife with a very sharp point designed primarily for stabbing. This knife design dates back to the prehistory of humans and has been used in close one on one combat situations. The dagger has been used in ceremonial rituals in the ancient times, a tradition that has made […] continue reading

Zero Tolerance ZT-9 Bayonet Knife

When it comes to tactical knives, it’s really about the use your looking for. Different people have different needs, like different situations demand different tools. When deciding upon which is the best tactical knife it really comes down to the needs that you’re trying to cover. A civilian looking for a knife for self-protection is […] continue reading

Kershaw Zero Tolerance 0100 Fixed Blade Knife

Out in the wilderness a good knife can determine life or death. It’s essential to be well prepared and have the right knife that can be used for a number of different purposes such as: escaping from an encounter with a wild beast, chop wood, make your way through the woods, build shelter and many […] continue reading

How to find the best survival knife

Imagine you find yourself in a critical survival situation. What kind of tool would you want to have on your side? Chances are a good knife will make the difference between happily ever after and the last outdoor adventure of your life. You would probably be happy having any knife on your side, but, because […] continue reading